Our Focus

Investment Types

Property development. We have the ability to provide equity to facilitate the construction of commercial premises for either lease or sale, and to provide funding to enable residential development for either outright or fractional disposal. Our target is to find opportunities for differentiated residential and commercial property developments (particularly healthcare, hospitality, student housing and boutique commercial). Our preference is investment opportunities where the upside comes principally through the entitlement process.

Leveraged buyout of a business that features material property development opportunities; referred to as "land-rich" private equity. For example, enhancing a marina with an adjacent residential development, or expanding a hotel´s facilities through development of excess land.

Business Acquisitions

Where an investment features an existing business, we seek operating partners who we can support growth in the commercial operations. In some cases this will be the existing management team of the business. Our private equity experience ensures we understand the importance of management autonomy of the business activities, while our property skills allow us to add value through developments that complement the primary business.

Project Criteria

Our Values

Crystal Lake Capital LLC undertakes its investment activity according to the following values and philosophies: